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Fall Special:


" Heyyy ehh ehhhh ehhh!" Lets Go Buffalo!   Growing up in Rochester NY, The Hometown Buffalo Bills have and always will be my favorite sports team.  I know it's been a rough couple of years (or 16!) but things might be turning around for them this season. In honor of my love for the team I painted this fun parody of the Bills as a Peewee Football team named the Buffalo Billy Goats. Of course they are playing their arch rival, The New England Patty Cakes, but this time it's a different story.  Instead of getting destroyed by Brady and the boys,  it's Buffalo whooping the tar out of New England! Thankfully the Billy Goats have the biggest kid in the country, if not the world on their team making them unstoppable. Even little boy Brady is no match for Big Bill and the Billy Goats!

The Hidden Gems:

     As in much of my work I like to add fun little Easter eggs to my art and this piece is no exception. I highlighted just some of the fun little details that you might be too hard to see if not enlarged,  especially if you're viewing this on a tablet or phone screen. I just couldn't resist having one of the assistant coaches behind Belichick deflating the footballs.


Now for limited Time get two 11X17 Autographed Prints for $34. Reg. $40. A great gift for any Bills fan!


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Freelance promise:

Please feel free to contact me for more details about a project you are interested in having illustrated or made into a graphic design. I will work with you through the creative process and make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the end result. Whether it's an Illustration for a book, or a graphic designed logo for your business,  I can get it done.  Please feel free to email or call me for a project estimate and or questions at:     or call:   585-481-0703

Below are some examples of some of the Freelance work I have done, both illustration and Graphic Design.

Graphic Design Freelance Examples:

Tea With Bree ( Client: Brianne Buffett )

Brianne is an old high school friend of mine who wanted a logo for her new start up Business: Tea With Bree, a Traveling Tea Party company. Her initial idea for a look was based off the illustrations from the Fancy Nancy Book series. She knew she wanted her daughters and a tea pot somehow illustrated together so I came up with some concepts.  Along with that she also wanted me to explore some more simple graphic logos as a possible alternative to the illustrated logo. In the end she fell in love with the graphic of her girls emerging from the teapot. Please feel free to visit her website:

Illustration Freelance Examples:

Client: (Printed Deals _ Michael Robinson)

From 2012-2016 I worked as the cover illustrator for Rochester's Printed Deals Magazine. It was a family friendly coupon magazine and my job was to reflect that with fun themed illustrations corresponding to the time of the year when that issue came out. Unfortunately in early 2016 Printed Deals was bought out by Local Flavor and discontinued using illustrated covers in favor for photo ads. It was a great run while it lasted and I am very grateful for the opportunity. Below are just a few examples of some of the covers I created.


Thanks Giving 2015

This was probably my favorite cover not only because I'm pleased with how it came out, but because Thanks giving is one of my favorite holidays. For this cover I wanted to show all the joy and chaos that can come about with a Thanksgiving dinner. Believe it or not, much of it came from my own personal experience as a kid on the big Turkey Day. The Grandmother screaming when a drink was spilled was my Grandma and I distinctly remember making sculptures out of mashed potatoes. Thankfully the dog never scared the Cat to the top of the Chandelier.


Back to School Sep. 2014

With the beginning of the school year, I thought it would be fun to show some class room craziness. Basically I took all of the bad behavior that I experienced in grade school and then some and combined it into one classroom from heck painting. I wanted to show what can happen when a teacher leaves her students for only a few minutes and show the shock on her facewhen she sees what she's walking back into.

Valentine's Day Feb. 2015

As a single guy Valentine's day is usually not my favorite holiday, but I made the most of it with a fun Valentine's Day Dance Illustration. I tried to show all the different emotions that can kids can go through during a dance. However, most of all, I wanted to showcase the nerdy boy getting the girl when it's all said and done.