The Buffalo Billy Goats

The Buffalo Billy Goats

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" Heyyy ehh ehhhh ehhh!" Lets Go Buffalo!   Growing up in Rochester NY, The Hometown Buffalo Bills have and always will be my favorite sports team.  I know it's been a rough couple of years ( or 16 ) but things might be turning around for them this season. In honor of my love for the team I painted this fun parody of the Bills as a Peewee Football team named the Buffalo Billy Goats. Of course they are playing their arch rival, The New England Patty Cakes, but this time it's a different story.  Instead of getting destroyed by Brady and the boys it's Buffalo whooping the tar out of New England. Thankfully the Billy Goats have the biggest kid in the country, if not the world on their team making them unstoppable. Even to little boy Brady is no match for Big Bill and the Billy Goats!

The Hidden Gems

     As in much of my work I like to add fun little Easter eggs to my art and this piece is no exception. I highlighted just some of the fun little details that you might be too hard to see if not enlarged,  especially if you're viewing this on a tablet or phone screen. Of course I had to have one of the assistant coaches behind Belichick deflating the footballs.


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